November 2018


Vad? Kom och spela backgammon tillsammans, det spelar ingen roll om du kan spela sedan tidigare eller vill lära dig. Alla är välkomna!

Var? Café String i Stockholm. Café String ligger nära Nytorget (T-bana Medborgarplatsen).

Are you curious about Backgammon or are you already a hardcore player? Either way we welcome you to join us at our Backgammon Monday’s at Café String on Södermalm.

Backgammon is both a great game and a great way to meet new people.It’s being played by people all across the world and it travels well in terms of providing a common denominator even if you don’t speak the local language. The game is universal in that way and that is what we love about it. The actual rules might differ a bit so we will be following the ones that are used in most of the Western world in order to create a level playing field so to speak.

We have 4 boards, if we’re more than 8 participants we’ll just take turns. Should the interest turnout to be bigger then the amount of spots available, we’ll get some more boards in the near future of course.

Note: There will be no money or betting allowed at our events since that would be counterproductive as we want to create a space for having fun and meeting new people from all corners of the planet.

Tid: 12/11 18:00

Plats: Café String Nytorgsgatan 38, 116 40 , Stockholm

Kontakt: Emy Rindstedt, 073 094 00 27 eller emy@hejframling.se

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Arrangör: Hej främling!